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    Producing new ways of working on classical and contemporary plays.

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    Our door is always open to established professional theatre artists and we are committed to supporting the professional development of emerging artists.

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Some of our projects..

Our idea is a simple one; a stong belief in the theatre’s capacity to underline and reinforce our shared humanity. Our commonness has maybe never been more important than now.

Our work.

Nothing can replace the live experience of theatre. What we take away at the end of a show may be ours to keep, but it is born of a shared discovery.


The ongoing idea of developing and producing work to tour nationally and internationally. The realisation of larger and more ambitious works. If you would like to find out more about how you can support new work, do please get in touch.


We develop and implement educational and social theatre programs in close collaboration with schools and other institutions. Our programs and workshops are developed to provide the host structure with inspiration and stimuli after our work is finished. If you would like to find out more about how we can support your work, do please get in touch.


At certain points during the year, we provide training courses for those interested in learning more about the theatre, its art and craft. These workshops are open to actors, teachers, directors, writers and general members of the public.


We produce a variety of childrens theatre programs, from pre school to high school. We produce workshops and shows that are flexible and easily adapt to the space and needs of the host structure. To find out more about our school work, please get in touch.

Special programmes

For a number of years we developed workshops for adults with severe learning and physical disabilities. Our workshops focused on freeing the imagination and communication skills using fairytales as a point of departure. If you are a structure that provides social services and educational help for adults with learnng and physical disabilities and would like to learn more about how we can support your work, please do get in touch.

Professional Development.

At certain times of the year we offer limited workshops for professional actors, directors and writers. Usually they last for a long weekend and are designed to further their professional development through a series of specialised workshops. In the past we have offered Verse work, mask work and devising within a multi disciplinary environment. To find ou more please get in touch.

Our philosophy.

Ideas are not fragile these days. They are not so prone to disintegration. It is a testament to the strength of a good idea that our company exits. The theatre unites in ways that other mediums cannot, it remains perhaps the last discipline of art where, for a moment, we can glimpse our lives in their entirety. In our opinion, the theatre must occupy itself not only with national heritage, but look out beyond its own borders to discover and welcome complexity and diversity, which is humanity’s greatest hope.


As a non-profit company, we are committed to keeping theatre accessible for everyone. But it’s a constant financial balancing act and our revenues struggle to keep up with costs. j33tre has a commitment to making new work through periods of research. This is a slow, difficult process and can only happen with support. We are extremely grateful to the donations and support we receive from individuals and institutions as it is the only way our work is possible.

Our Approach

We do not have a fixed process or approach. Instead we try to develop a new language for each project we create. Nothing can replace the live experience of theatre. What we take away at the end of a show may be ours to keep, but it is born of a shared discovery. Theatre is not like watching a film, or reading a book, or even talking to a friend. Theatre is community, the celebration of a shared, momentary experience that brings us empathy and insight.

Our Goal.

J33tre was founded by British director Giles Smith and Italian actress Beatrice Presen, with the aim of developing interdisciplinary theatre research and produce new ways of working on classical and contemporary plays. We want to unite diverse forms of artistic expression with artists of long experience and younger generations of theatre professionals.

Our projects.

The choice of which projects to develop and produce is a complicated process, often about achieving a balance between the adventurous and the populist, between new talent and experienced practitioner or between comedy and tragedy.

Let's say hello!.

Giles Smith

Giles Smith

Artistic Director

Director, writer, teacher, dramaturg. He has led the company since its founding. He has worked with actors from Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Iran, Tunisia, Israel, Palestine and the US, often working in languages other than English. Projects include: Hamlet, The Tempest, Measure for Measure, Twelfth Night, Shakespeare's sonnets at The Grotowski theatre, Wroclaw. He wrote the screenplay for "The Unloved" based on the Arnost Lustig novel of the same name. Arnost Lustig was an Auschwitz survivor and was nominated for the Pulitzer and Man Booker. He has directed in the UK and the US, at the Guildhall, Mountview and the Manchester Schools of theatre, the European school for the art of the actor, whose collaborating partners include: the Guildhall; the Russian Academy of Drama, Moscow; ENSATT­, Lyon; ACT San Francisco; the Ecole du Theatre National, Strasbourg; INSAS, Bruxelles and the Hochschule für Musik und Theater HfMT, Hamburg .

Beatrice Presen

Beatrice Presen

Artistic producer

Beatrice Presen graduated as an actor from the Silvio D’Amico academy in Rome. She worked with Fiorenzo Fiorentini, Domenico Polidoro, Sasà Cardone, Luca Ronconi, Ennio Coltorti, Pino Strabioli, Luciano Damiani, Giles Smith, Lorenzo D’Amico, Gorjana Ducic, and Artemis Preeshl. She has taken part in workshops with Ariane Mnouchkine in Paris, Peter Clough, Jos Houben in London for Complicite and Odin Teatret, Denmark. She has worked in Tv and on Film, most recently with the film Red Shadows directed by Citto Maselli, shown at the Venice Film Festival.

  • By mercilessly preying upon our subconscious fears... in this primordial fairytale forest the spectacular puppetry comes to life. A dark but not cynical show, Nella Foresta is more than the sum of the folklore tropes at its disposal.

    In The Forest review by Shane Reader. EAST VILLAGE ARTS
  • Giles Smith's text is both poetic and musical: words and phrases repeat themselves in various contexts, like a fugue, perhaps the fugue in which the protagonist lives. The work is what gives us hope that we can at least strive, gallantly, and this is what makes us human.

    In The Forest Review by R.Pikser Theatrescene.net
  • The public enjoyed a great text, great direction and a great acting by this Italian group from Rome.

    Antonio Cesar Moron Dramaturg & Professor at University of Granada
  • Thank you for the opportunity to have seen Nella Foresta. Exciting and tense. The actors are fantastic.

    Ilene Biderman dramatists Guild of America

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